sometimes I just need to make tea

Sometimes I wear three layers of clothes to bed at night. Sometimes I wear my fleece-lined tights because it feels like wearing a blanket on my legs. Sometimes I sit in the sunshine that is pouring through the window and close my eyes to try and remember how it feels to have the sun shine warmly on my skin. Sometimes I bake muffins and make pancakes for breakfast even though it’s a week day. Sometimes I make hot tea just so I can hold the cup in my cold hands.

And sometimes I take off for a few hours before lunch and run along the shores of my favorite Lake and sit with my feet in the water afterwards. And sometimes I sit on my deck in the afternoon and watch my kids run around while I work. And sometimes I serve fresh, cold fruit as the perfect side dish.

And sometimes I run while leaves are falling around me. And sometimes while blossoms bloom above me. And sometimes while snowflakes lightly land on me.

But always I live in a land of seasons. Seasons that each have something I would miss if I didn’t experience them.


3 thoughts on “sometimes I just need to make tea

  1. I am glad for the sometimes….I do like all the seasons.
    But, I would be really happy if it was warmer, in March instead of having to wait until May to thaw out.

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