Stuck in my head

Sometimes you get a song stuck in your head. Often, it’s something that’s on the radio a lot. Sometimes, it’s an annoying tune that you heard somewhere and can’t shake. But for me in the past week or so it’s been a song from church. We’ve sung it the past two or three weekends and it’s tugging at my mind. Enough so that I looked up the lyrics today to read them as part of my morning reflection:

Give Me Ears to Listen
by Timothy Smith, Spirit & Song

1, 4. Let me be your servant; let me walk your way.
Guide me on your path; give night the light of day.
Let me be a sure foundation, pure and strong.
Let me tell of your salvation all life long.

Give me ears to listen. Give me eyes to see.
Give me words to speak and show your face to me.

2. In silence, when you call me, let me hear your voice.
Jesus, walk beside me; let my soul rejoice.
When winds and currents batter me, help me be sure.
Give me courage from the storms when they occur.

3. Last night, when I awoke I heard you call my name.
You refreshed my soul; I felt your burning flame.
Oh, strengthen me to bear my cross and walk your way.
Give me grace to comfort those with all I say.

Listen to the songwriter play & sing it here. Or at this link with no interruption.

I am writing about it because that’s how I think best – when I’m putting words to my thoughts. And I think it’s striking a chord with me because my intention for the past month has been to be more open. To try not to intrude my will on the path that I’m supposed to be traveling. To be aware of God’s grace around me. This song definitely speaks to that.

As I listened to the songwriter explain some of his inspiration I thought of another reason. I often pray to be strong in leading & guiding my children – to have the support they need when they need it. Instead of spending my time worrying about things I can’t change, things I have no power over (something hard to stomach for this admitted control freak) – I should spend my time realizing that I have someone to give me strength when I need it. I’ll still be praying to be strong, but this song might shift that prayer to be more open to guidance myself when I’m trying to be the parent/spouse/friend I should be.

Let me…
Guide me…
Give me…
Strengthen me…

Those are powerful phrases. I have a feeling they are going to be stuck in my head for a little while longer and I think I like that.

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