I still love winter

There’s another snow storm on the way today. (ANOTHER SNOW STORM) And another one forecast for Saturday. We haven’t had a full five day school week since before Christmas. I even saw a statistic that said last year we had 3 inches of snow through January 31 and this year we had 48 inches.

Yes, it’s been a cold & snowy winter. But in all fairness, we’ve had some very mild winters the past few years. Yes, I’m getting a little tired of shoveling the snow and am seriously wondering how I’m going to get the snow off the bottom of the driveway when the piles are already up to my shoulders. But if it’s going to be cold, it might as well be covered in a beautiful blanket of white. And if it keeps snowing, the snow never has time to get all dirty & yucky looking.

This comic strip (that I often love because of his take on running & triathlons) perfectly sums up how I feel about winter:


At some point I’ll start to get tired of the snow & cold. And around that same time, things will start to melt and the weather will be warmer and I’ll revel in 40-50 degree days for running. And once I get tired of that, it will start to get nice & hot and just right for hitting the beach.

But for now, I’m actually looking forward to another night of falling snowflakes.


6 thoughts on “I still love winter

  1. That comic really sums it up, but at this point, I have to vote for Florida. Being told this week I’m not to run in snow until further notice took any and all fun out of winter for me.

  2. I still love all the seasons. Sometimes winter seems long. But sometimes, so does hot and humid season. And I was IN Florida, in June, and it was pretty miserable for running. I guess that is just it, every season has its pluses and minuses. And sometimes, we just need to roll with what we’ve got. For the record, I don’t mind hot either. But I DO mind hot and humid. Florida is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Thanks for the perspective reminder.

  3. I’m with you. I love winter and it ends just about the time that you are starting to get tired of it! I am only sad that I have been unable to train in it so far. Hoping that will change soon.

  4. As much as I love heat and summer I know I would miss having 4 seasons. It’s just that winter here is too extreme – too cold and too long. I need to find the geographical location that has 4 seasons, but a shorter and milder winter.

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