Tasty Thursday: Breakfast Sandwiches

I broke Alton Brown’s kitchen appliance rule. I bought something that does one, and only one, thing for my kitchen. And in this case at least, that rule was meant to be broken. I bought the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich maker. (And no, before you ask – no one asked me or paid me to write this post; no one gave me a free breakfast sandwich maker, I bought it at Target; this post is not an ad.)

What compelled me to find room for one more thing in my kitchen cabinets? Partly an article in Cooking Light that reviewed the sandwich maker and partly my son who is a hot breakfast lover. That kid chooses a hot breakfast 75% of the time but during the week that hot breakfast ends up being a bowl of oatmeal or a toasted English Muffin or occasionally some sort of frozen breakfast pizza. The article (and packaging) claimed that in five minutes you could have a delicious breakfast sandwich, no hands-on work required. In other words, I could make him a breakfast sandwich while I was also packing his lunch. No sodium-laden frozen product, heck, I could even add vegetables to it. If this were true, it was worth every penny.

The question of the Tasty Thursday Post: Is the breakfast sandwich maker worth every penny?



Seriously, I put an English muffin in the bottom and top it with cheese, pre-cooked bacon if I have it and lower the first plate. I crack an egg in the second plate, break the yolk, add a dash of salt & pepper and put the other half of the English muffin on top, closing the lid. In 4 minutes and 30 seconds a deliciously melty breakfast sandwich comes out.

If you want to scramble the egg in a small bowl first and pour it in the plate, that works too. In fact, we did that and added some diced ham & shredded cheese and it came out like a mini-omelette. The egg has come out fluffy and not dry every time. The sandwich totally comes together without any scorching of the bread. The booklet says you can also use mini bagels or small, precooked pancakes. We haven’t tried that yet – our experimenting so far has been all about which toppings to add to the sandwich and different egg scramble combos.

This is a recipe for a delicious, easy breakfast. And the machine is super easy to clean too. It’s only February, but this might just be my son’s favorite purchase of the entire year. And his mother already feels better about the breakfasts he’s getting.

2 thoughts on “Tasty Thursday: Breakfast Sandwiches

    1. I’ve done that before too but I feel like they come out chewy from the microwave. I have no texture issues with this new mini griddle.

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