Random Friday thoughts

It’s Valentine’s Day. I am in the group of people that finds this holiday silly. Still, it’s a fun time of year to surprise friends by telling them you care. And I always put a small treat with a few pieces of favorite candy out for the kids. This morning I even went crazy and made heart-shaped cinnamon rolls.

Last night I had a dream that I was working as a lifeguard alongside Justin Timberlake. I’m not sure why my subconscious put those two things together but I can say that Justin looked just fine in his swim trunks.

I’ve decided that my next physical challenge will be to participate in the Skiathlon at the Winter Olympics. I don’t know where to train or buy the right equipment but after one cross country ski jaunt that involved no fewer than three spills into the snow, I’m obviously a good candidate. I have had so much fun watching all the cross country ski events this week and I just know I’d make a great skiathlete. (I’m not sure that’s a word, but it should be.) Or maybe curling… though J told me I’d probably fall on the ice (a valid point). Or maybe I can be like that badass Noelle Pikus-Pace who is raising children while training for the skeleton and is currently in second place. We might need to move to pursue this new dream of mine… and find a sponsor… and an official rule book…

I’m going to admit it: I have enjoyed this winter. Perhaps not the extremely cold temps but all the snow? Most definitely. In my mind, if we’re going to have a cold season it might as well be beautiful. Snow is beautiful. With that said, it’s all going to start melting next week and getting dirty and slushy. That’s not so beautiful. I’m glad it’s been cold enough that we’ll only have to go through that ugly, messy melt once this year.

Speaking of that warm up… I’ve been wanting to get up to the beach because I hear the ice is bigger than we’ve ever seen it. I’m tempted to take myself up there today but I kind of want the kids to see it too.

I just read about a Magic Show in Chicago and now I want to go. I don’t have the money for something this expensive right now but it would be so fun to take the kids and go to a small, intimate, well-done magic show.

I also want to take the kids to the Art Institute and the Planetarium. I could do that on Monday since we’re off school but practically the whole world is off school on Monday and I don’t want to fight the crowds. A fun adventure quickly turns stressful when there are so many people around that I can’t easily keep an eye on my kids.

Speaking of adventures…. I’m jonesing to plan a road trip. I’m going to stop blogging and look at my calendar to see if I can find an open window to take the family somewhere.


7 thoughts on “Random Friday thoughts

  1. MMMM, JT in swim trunks.

    Skeleton scares the beejezus out of me.

    We’re off on Monday and Tuesday next week. Maybe I could take the kids into Chicago or something. Kay is cat sitting for a friend though so I’m not sure how that would work. If I’d been thinking and had the cash, I should’ve planned a get-away for myself for a few days.

  2. I like hearing your randomness…I think my husband has a man crush on JT- I’ll have to ask him what he thinks of your dream. And I would be very jealous is you moved away to start your future as a cross country skier….I might join you.

    And currently, I am staring out the window at an iced over harbor and it is really pretty amazing, how different and interresting the scenery is in different seasons. That being said, was also just looking at places to eat near our spring break destination and getting excited about the beach.

  3. I had a JT dream recently too, and I know for a fact that my Matt has a man crush on him. 🙂 I have loved this snow SO MUCH but I am really not looking forward to the thaw this week, or the severe storms they are predicting for Friday. Why can’t it be snowy and beautiful for 4-5 months and then quickly turn to 75 and sunny… with maybe a week of transition? I’m tired of the extreme cold and dangerous wind chills – it keeps us from getting outside and enjoying all the snow while it’s here! Miss you friend!

      1. I was reading about it today and thought it sounded right up your alley. (Summer too – hiking and kayaking would be fun!)

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