I want to go

I want to go to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. For the first time in five years, the ice on Lake Superior is so thick that you can walk to the caves and look what you’ll see when you get there:
Icicles in Apostle Island Sea Cave, 2007

I’ve looked it up on GoogleMaps and it’s a 10 hour drive. That’s not quite day trippable (even for me). In fact, it’s long enough that I’m not sure I could convince my family to make a weekend out of it. I’m seriously bummed. I wouldn’t mind going up there in the summer too for kayaking. Looks like I need to add two more trips to my list.

I want to go to Maine and hike and see whales and experience the Northeast. It’s my next big road trip plan and I’m quite sad that we don’t get to go this summer. Next year. Next year it needs to happen.

I want to go to St. Croix. It’s a place we haven’t been for years… probably 10 years actually… and I want to feel the equatorial heat and go snorkeling on hidden beaches and sit outside at Cheeseburgers in Paradise.

I want to go to Disneyland. Not Disney World (not that I’d turn down that trip mind you) but Disneyland. I want to cover every inch of Disneyland & California Adventure in the same day. And then I want to see the Pacific Ocean. And maybe drive to San Diego for the day while I’m out there.

I want to go to Chicago for a day and pretend I live in a big city (note: this is the most feasible of these wants). I want to walk crowded sidewalks and go to the Art Institute and eat lunch and go shopping and eat dinner at a fantastic restaurant.

I want to go somewhere south for Spring Break. I’m not talking so far south that we get to hang out on the beach. That would be lovely but definitely not in the budget. I would just like to go somewhere that feels like spring – even if we just get to go for a day or two. I have a trip in mind… just need to lay out a few plans, present the budget to my personal accountant (read: husband), and then hope for approval.

I think I’ve got cabin fever.


4 thoughts on “I want to go

  1. I knew you’d like the Apostle Islands idea. It’s 10 hours for me too.

    I want to go to Ottawa and visit my brother and his sweet boys.

    I want to go to Toronto to visit my lovely cousin and meet her sweet newborn.

    I want to take Amara to DisneyAnything while it would still be so magical to her.

    I want to take a California road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway.

    I want to take Amara to Prince Edward Island to see the Anne of Green Gables house and the red beaches.

    I want to go back to Boston and cheer on the Red Sox with my husband.

    I want to spend an afternoon biking through Central Park.

    I want to go to Chicago and meet a few fantastic ladies for a super fun weekend.

    1. OH I want to go to PEI too! And the PCH is on my road trip list… probably someday w/o my kids. And why aren’t you planning that Chicago weekend??

      Also – we might need to plan an Apostle’s Island trip. Seriously.

  2. I took Terry to Fenway Park for his 40th and now it’s become a bit of a trend among our closest friends to have big trips for 40th birthdays. If Terry’s been paying ANY attention I hope to be taking that PCH trip in 2016. Any chance you could do it before then and send him your itinerary? 🙂 He’s usually not the planner in these situations (in fact he typically has only a vague understanding of where we’re going…)

    And PEI was going to be this summer until we went crazy with winter vacations. Maybe next year.

    And I do watch for Chicago seat sales regularly.

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