Today I will…

…Read my morning reflections and spend some time in prayer.

…Stir a spoonful of peanut butter into my overnight oats before I eat them for breakfast.

…Take a long walk outside in the sunshine with a friend and pretend it’s above freezing.

…Have a few too many conference calls to get much productive writing done.

…Go to the hardware store and buy a few things for a minor home project this weekend.

…Go to the grocery store and cringe at the prices.

…Dread the fact that I have to turn our clocks ahead an hour the night before I have to take the oldest to the pool at 6am. That just seems cruel to both of us.

…Try to check a few things off my ridiculously long project list.

…Eat the extra cupcake I purchased yesterday (and do it before the kids get home from school).

…Do some online shopping for an adorable little boy who turns two next week.

…Do some laundry.

…Make homemade pasta for dinner.

…Lead Stations of the Cross at our church.

…Start a new book.

…Pick up the 9yo at 10 p.m. because he has later plans than the rest of the household.

…Say prayers of thanks and petition as I gratefully fall asleep.


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