Of springing ahead

I have nothing against Daylight Saving Time. Of course, “springing ahead” is harder than “falling back.” Who doesn’t prefer an extra hour of sleep as opposed to miraculously losing one? But I’d like to register a complaint:

We spring ahead too early in the year.

They say it’s because we need extra daylight at night. Really?? The sun has been setting after 5:30 and that’s getting later every day. And the trade for having this oh-so-wonderful 6:30 sunset is waking up in total darkness. Just when we were starting to see peeks of sun in the morning, it’s yanked away from us for another month. There’s got to be a better balance so that we make this switch at a time that means we still get to wake up with the sun.

Maybe I’m just grouchy from missing that hour of sleep. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood because my oldest is trying to twist this into something that gets her out of going to school. (oh… but her head hurts too badly to get out of bed. No, her head hurts because she’s tired. I believe that she has a headache and I certainly believe she’s tired after being on deck at 6am the morning we lost an hour of sleep and then swimming three events at prelims in the morning and finals at night but it’s no reason to get out of your responsibilities.) Mostly, I’m just grouchy that I’ve been up for half an hour and it’s still pitch black outside.


5 thoughts on “Of springing ahead

  1. that does stink. I don’t really like the dark on either end but already better to have it get dark earlier in the evening and keep the sun for helping us get our days started. I am glad i live in the quirky place that doesn’t change clocks!

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