Things I’ll miss from Spring Break 2014

Another spring break has come and gone. We were able to take a nice three-day trip and then have a few days of total relaxing. I think my son spent two entire days on the couch in his pajamas. But we don’t usually have that kind of downtime so I let it slide.

Here are the things I’ll miss from Spring Break:

  • The extra hour or two of sleeping I got each day.
  • A road trip with my kids!
  • Feeling warm sunshine on my skin – I think I’ll miss this most of all.
  • DSC_0031

  • Looser schedules (That still involved me taking an awful lot of time away from work driving people places… that doesn’t seem fair.)
  • Creating memories and experiencing new things.
  • Baby snuggles
  • DSC_0036

  • Fun lunch dates at breweries.

And now we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. I updated my April calendar this week and I have to admit there are some days on it that scare me. Sometimes three kids are sooooooo busy!

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