We took a walk

Last night, even though it was below 40 degrees, I convinced the husband to take a walk after dinner. This took some serious convincing so that fact alone might be worth a blog post. Our 9yo heard us talking about a walk and asked if he could go along. Of course! And so some of us (me) more bundled up than others took off in the dusky hours to walk a few miles.

We were out for 45 minutes or so and I’m not sure the boy stopped talking the entire time. Interesting things I learned from mister chatty pants last night include:

1. He prefers houses with both stone and brick because they look stronger.

2. It would be cool to buy 6 or 7 lots and build a huge house on them.

3. If I would have let him scramble through the mud to sit in one of the earth movers I would be a much cooler mom. (There are new houses being built in the back of our neighborhood.)

4. If no one has named the numbers that come after billion, J has plenty of ideas.

5. He thinks it would be fun to go kayaking on the various ponds throughout our neighborhood.

6. When walking down the middle of the street (in the new, as yet uninhabited part of the neighborhood) he decided it was fun being so “rebellious.”

7. He thinks he’s faster than his mom.

Let’s talk about that last one for a minute. I concede that he is faster than me over a very short distance. I also concede that my days of being faster than him are definitely numbered. But right now? Right now I’m faster. When you have a boy with an ego the size of Texas, it’s important that he recognize that someone – a girl even – is better than him at something. So when he suggested we race, I surprised him by accepting the challenge. I kindly waited until we reached the top of the big hill and were not quite a quarter mile from home. I let him say “ready, set, go” and then we ran. And I had to run hard and he was right by my side for the first minute maybe… and then I pulled ahead… and then he cried uncle when I got to our next door neighbor’s driveway and he was still across the street.

And then I asked him who was faster and he said “I am.” ?!?!? So I asked him again and he admitted that his mom is faster (but then he mumbled ‘over longer distances’). Now he wants to race the local 5K against me and told me I don’t have to stop with him if he takes a walk break because he’ll just pass me later. If he’s still this cocky about it when the race rolls around in June… I’m going to have to take him down. 😉

6 thoughts on “We took a walk

  1. I’m so there with my youngest. Last year I needed to run at least a 5k to beat him. This year I may not be able to keep up when we do a 12K, but I’m hoping I can at least make him sweat.

    1. “making him sweat” seems like the perfect goal – I like the idea of making sure they know we’re right behind them even when they are strong enough to surge ahead J

  2. That’s a lot of info you found out by going on a walk!! And my oldest son and I aren’t even in the same league anymore. Enjoy it while you still can. 😉

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