My body is not so subtle

I’ve had a nagging hip flexor “thing” going on for a month or so. I’ll call it a “thing” because I’m not a trained medical professional. However, I am fairly confident that it’s a hip flexor strain. I know the best thing to do for a strain is to rest it and ice it. I know that it’s a sign that I need to pay more attention to my strength training and stretching. It’s probably no coincidence that it flared up as soon as I stopped going to yoga regularly.

So I cut back on tentative plans to run a half marathon this month. (The plans were tentative after all.) I kept my mileage easy. I iced it after all my workouts. It wasn’t getting any better though and I knew that I should take some time off but I kept stalling.


Then last week I went on a perfectly lovely dunes hike. The hip flexor wasn’t so happy with the climbing up the sand dune part. That night I went to bed with a throbbing hip flexor that annoyed me and a scratchy throat that I attributed to allergies. I woke up the next morning with a fever, swollen glands and an unusual state of exhaustion. I was sick.

But really it was my body’s way of saying “Hey dummy! I hurt and you’re not paying attention.” I’ve never been known for being subtle.

So I’m resting. I didn’t do any physical activity all weekend. The hip started to feel better. (The fever lasted two days but it is gone.) I went for a bike ride yesterday and the hip started to hurt as soon as I got off the bike. So I will rest some more. I will do some easy strengthening exercises to try and help things heal. I will do some easy stretches to keep things loose around the hip. I will NOT RUN this week.

I’m saying it here so that I’ll stick to it. (I hope.) I’ve got a big training summer ahead of me. Now is the time to take the rest so I’m ready for that. Not running in May isn’t fun but it’s not going to mess up the goal of the year – the marathon in November.

5 thoughts on “My body is not so subtle

  1. You’ve been resting it for awhile now. What about a trip to the chiro for some ART? You might actually have something going on in your glutes, hammies or quads that you’re feeling in your hip. Just my unsolicited 2 cents but I’d hate to see you hurting any longer. ((hugs))

  2. New chiro….pain in the #*% 😉
    You are super smart though. And hopefully some rest will help. If not, remember that Art guy in Indy? We can find him for you.

    1. Remember that ART guy’s forearms? They still creep me out a bit.

      Had a good conversation with potential new chiro yesterday. Seeing him Friday!

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