the day a plate took out my running partner

I’m running Sunburst this Saturday. I knew I’d run something at this race just because I enjoy it and it’s my one and only race streak. I was toying with the idea of doing the 10K or maybe the half when my oldest asked if she could run with me again. She & I have been official Sunburst buddies three years in a row now. Running with my kids will always be something I jump to do so I signed us up for her preferred distance and we were all set to run the 5K together.


Then she dropped a plate on her big toe.

I wasn’t with her but it must have been a substantial plate because when she came home a day later she was sporting a very bruised, slightly swollen big toe. She was going with the theory “ignore it and see if it goes away.” Which means she hadn’t even put ice on it for the first 24 hours. Sigh… She spent the next three days icing, elevating and limping. It wasn’t terribly swollen but it wasn’t getting any better and the blood that was pooled under the toenail was very bad. So I broke down and called the doctor.

The doctor doesn’t think it’s broken – and even if it is there’s nothing they could do. She said taping it wouldn’t help much and with the blood/bruise might even make it worse. So the doctor decided to poke a few holes around the nailbed and see if she could relieve the pressure.

I won’t gross you out with the details but suffice it to say, our visit was geyser-like. As we walked out K said, “Wow, I don’t even have to limp right now.”

Good side: We seem to have figured out the issue. She’s not out of the woods with it yet but we’re hopeful for a solid recovery in a week or so. Much better than the 4-6 weeks we were looking at if it were broken.

Bad side: She’s most certainly out for Sunburst this weekend.

I am trying to convince her sister to come along for it (yes the one who verbally abused me on our last 5K attempt together). I’m pretty sure the early start time and the simple fact that it involves *running* will keep her home though. The boy would love to come but he has a baseball game late Friday night and another Saturday morning so he just can’t.

Moral of the story: Even the best laid plans can be ruined by something as random as a dropped dinner plate.

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