This is why I work for myself

I will admit it. I look forward to summer with a mixture of dread and excitement. Excitement because my kids will be home and our schedules are more relaxed and we can have some fun. Dread because it’s so much harder to get work done and my billings inevitably drop this time of year no matter how hard I work to keep things active. It’s just so hard to find blocks of uninterrupted time with three kids home.

This morning I had to turn down a project. Not a big project but it would involve me traveling away for a day during a very busy week for my kids. I was frustrated. I enjoy those days when I get to leave my home office behind, put on “real” clothes and challenge my brain a bit.

Then I remembered, THIS is why I work for myself. Because I would be frustrated and sad when that meeting day arrived and I had to leave my kids behind for the day. My days of having all three kids home are numbered and to give up a summer day with them isn’t worth any project. And yes, I know it’s JUST ONE DAY. But it’s summer… and it’s my kids.

And so instead of being frustrated, I made a spur of the moment decision. I turned off the computer and I piled the kids in the car and we spent the day together. A day away from home in one of our favorite places. A day where there were no other friends or obligations pulling us apart. A day where we laughed and remembered and learned new things together.

This is why I work for myself:





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