Yearning for the lazy days of summer

This week is beating me down. I started marathon training this week and while it’s not intense mileage, it is a structure that I need to get used to again. And I’m in the car more than I’m at my desk from 9:30 until 1:30 every day. And then when it’s not between those crazy hours I’m still in the car taking kids to the eye doctor or for a physical or to & from work or to the grocery store.

I feel like I’m in a constant state of triage. I have just enough time to return emails and do the most critical work projects. Time to write those articles that are due on Friday? I don’t have it. Time to create the social media plan for that client? It’s going to have to wait. Time to do laundry? That’s been happening at 10pm and I’m still behind. Triage is stressful.

I drove down the street yesterday and saw two moms of preschoolers sitting on their porch watching their kids play in the sprinkler. I almost cried. I had no idea then that those lazy hours would be so precious. That one day summer wouldn’t just be a time of year when it was warm enough to be outside and go swimming.

My kids aren’t over-scheduled. They have plenty of hours of lazy summer time. The problem is that *I* am over-scheduled. Having three kids in three different activities at all times is exhausting. Add in the fact that I have work of my own to finish and it’s pushing me over the edge.

(Note to self: find a way to force clients to give me the summer off and still pay me for work.)

2 thoughts on “Yearning for the lazy days of summer

  1. It will all come together. I think the training structure is good but too much is overwhelming – main reason I took the tri off my plate this summer.

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