A running perspective

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Thoughts during my first week of marathon training

Last weekend I planned for a rest day before starting marathon training. I wasn’t worried about the mileage this week (or any week for a while honestly). I just liked the idea of starting fresh. Well, my rest day turned into a 1 mile sprint to get to my son’s little league game on time. That sprint took me on the final stretch of a local 5K and as I caught up to the last runner I glanced at my watch hesitating for just a moment before deciding the right thing to do would be to ask this older gentleman if he would like some company. His answer: “Yes, sweetheart. I’d like that very much.”

Then my rest day included .5 mile jog/walk with Marvin, a 74 year old former marathoner who has had some heart trouble in the past year or so but was very excited to be back out racing. He had a great finishing kick and as soon as I saw his girlfriend coming to meet him (yes, his girlfriend), I sprinted over to grab him some water, congratulated him on his finish, and then sprinted across the street to the little league fields. I got there just in time to see my son’s first at-bat.

As I stare down 20 weeks of training (one down, 19 to go!) this was a great reminder. Yes, I’m looking to challenge myself and accomplish something big this fall. But I’m looking to do it in such a way that I stay healthy and strong. I want to enjoy the experience as much as possible. And if I’m lucky, I’ll be remembering it fondly some day as I finish a 5K at the age of 74.

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