Beach Week-ish

For the first summer in eight years, we weren’t able to swing a beach week vacation. I have to admit, it has made me much sadder than I expected. I looked forward to that week of relaxed paces, family time, sand & water much more than even I realized. (And I’m the one who came up with the idea & planned it every year so you know that I’m a big, BIG fan of beach week.) For about a month I’ve been pretty bummed about not having it this year.

My brother’s family (we used to do beach week with my siblings and families) were able to still do their own beach week and they ended up renting a house on Lake Michigan just an hour away from me. Even better, they got a house with extra beds and said that we could come up whenever our schedule permitted. It’s not the same as staying for a week but it’s pretty darn nice. We went up Sunday afternoon and stayed for dinner: Tuesday afternoon and stayed for dinner; and we’re heading up late tonight so we can enjoy a full day/night tomorrow on the beach.

I hope my brother & sister-in-law realize how much I appreciate this gift of beach time.

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3 thoughts on “Beach Week-ish

  1. Last year my parents sold our family cabin so it was our first summer without a good chunk of beach time. I could have gone up to visit my girlfriend and her family (in the same beach community) but I felt like I’d be too sad.

    But A and I drove up 2 weekends ago for a night. It was good to be back (though I avoided our old cabin… not ready for that). We’re headed up again on Friday for another night. There’s something about having my feet in the sand and my gaze on a blue horizon that does wonders for my soul!

    Happy you’re getting these beach days! Enjoy!

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