It’s time to go for the run: marathon training update

I’m writing to you from week 9 of the 20 week marathon training program. It’s getting to that part of the schedule where I feel like that old Dunkin Donuts commercial:

I’m not burned out but I’m getting into the runs that require advance planning. I have to start thinking about how/what I’m eating and drinking more often. I have to plan long routes. And I know what’s coming for me – that might be the part that is weighing me down the most. I’m still feeling good though. Taking care of the aches & pains that pop up. Icing & stretching when needed. I’m determined to do this one in such a fashion that I enjoy the accomplishments of training AND relish crossing the finish line.

  • I’m still keeping things slow and steady.
  • I’m still loving the run/walk interval plan.
  • I’m not as diligent about the weight training as I should be but I was starting to get sore and hurt for more than one day after weight training & running so I’ve scaled back a bit and I think it’s okay.
  • Still not finding time for yoga. Maybe once the kids get back to school and we’re on a more regular routine?
  • I’m not letting the training rule my life. Case in point: I have four runs scheduled each week. This week, one of those runs is on a day where I have fun plans with the kids. I opted to run it a day early so it’s not a hindrance. I won’t do that kind of schedule manipulating often, but I’m happy that I know enough about myself and my running to do it from time to time. Because while the marathon is a big goal – it’s not the most important thing in my life.

The training feels so very different from the last time I tried this marathon adventure. I’m feeling stronger. I’m more excited than nervous about tackling the big runs ahead of me. And while I have my doubts about putting myself out there when I know how long it’s going to take… times where I feel like I have no business lining up with true distance runners… I’m looking forward to the accomplishment. Best of all, I’m enjoying the journey.


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