Renewing grace in small things

With the kids getting a fresh start in the new school year, I’ve felt the need to have a bit of a fresh start of my own. I’ve decided to come back to my weekly thanks for the small things that make my days happy, that help me see the big picture, the things that show me God’s grace if I just take the time to realize it. I’ve missed taking these few moments to reflect and smile. If sharing them with you brings a smile to your face too that’s even better.

Grace in Small Things – the early September edition

  1. Watching the kids settle into their school routines, getting the hang of new teachers and new classes. My kids are getting old and I love watching their personalities come together.
  2. Road trips with those three kids – especially when they were the ones that asked for this particular trip.
  3. IMG_0298

  4. Running with no calf pain. It’s not 100% but it’s certainly ready for me to strengthen it. I’m easing back into marathon training with my eyes firmly fixed on November 1.
  5. Laughter around the dinner table.
  6. A Friday night ahead of me in a quiet house with a stack of library books beside me.

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