Marathon Check In: past the halfway point

It’s week 13 of 20 and this is when things start getting serious. For me they are twice as serious because just three days after my last update (back in Week 9) I found myself pulled up short by a calf strain. By the time I got to the third week of the injury – and the third week of missed long runs, the most important part of marathon training – I knew things would have to shift.

Luckily I started running again last week. Not back up to the same mileage but I’m able to run without feeling like someone threw a knife in my calf (this is a good thing). I’ve drastically adjusted my training schedule for the next seven weeks with the help of a good friend who is far more experienced at this running thing than I.

I’m focused on two things right now:

1. Being smart so that this calf strain doesn’t pop up again on race day. I can run through a lot of things but this injury was so painful that I sat down on the sidewalk and wasn’t sure I could even walk home.

2. Being thankful that I didn’t have any big time goals for this race. My primary goal on November 1 has been to cross the finish line joyfully. Therefore, this injury is a speed bump but not a road block (at least that’s my cautiously optimistic outlook now as I rebuild).

I read this quote during my running hiatus and it speaks volumes to me. I think some version of the last sentence might be my mantra on race day:

Sometimes we train to run far. Other times we train to run fast. If we train to run joyfully we find our pace for life. ~Kristin Armstrong

On we go… the next time I post an update I should be staring down my last long run (20 miles) of training. Keep your fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Marathon Check In: past the halfway point

  1. “cross the finish line joyfully”…you and I think so much alike sometimes! I’m so happy you’re running again, and am praying to keep injury free so you can have a successful marathon!

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