Grace in small things

You know how some weeks fly by and you’re not really sure where they went but here it is Friday so you know it went somewhere… that was this week. An even better reason to spend a few minutes today and look back on moments of grace:

  • Listening to the spark of competitive spirit from my eldest as she returns to swim practice
  • Math flash cards after dinner (maybe you had to be there to understand why math brought a bit of grace)
  • Working the dugout during a fall baseball game this week… watching the boy who played the dizzy bat game while he was on deck (?!?), listening to the excitement when they *almost* catch a ball… this team cracks me up.
  • Running. Because I hit double digits again this week with no calf issues. It’s time to build back up for the marathon: 49 days and counting.
  • Yoga – something I’ve been missing for months

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