Grace in small things: it’s fall

It’s officially fall, even the calendar says so as of Monday night. It’s my favorite season for many reasons. I think the moments of grace that popped up for me this week show that.

  • The tips of the trees are starting to change. A beautiful thing to witness each year and one for which I’m especially thankful as a distraction on my runs this fall.
  • Deliciously crisp evenings.
  • Apples fresh from the orchard – though I’ll be honest, I probably found more grace in the still warm apple cinnamon donut from said orchard.
  • photo

  • Family dinners with laughter and conversation – more than once this week even!
  • Watching two young boys get their first hits of the season at our fall baseball game this week. Their excitement was gleeful.
  • A friend who keeps me company for at least half of my long runs.
  • Watching my girl giddily pick up a book she’s had on hold at the library.
  • Two nights hanging out with my oldest & her friend where the conversation ranged from homecoming dresses to American Girl dolls.
  • An almost 10yo boy (just 4 more days!) who still asks me to read aloud to him some nights.

It’s been a good week. I got some things done. I surprised myself on my long run. I had some extra time with the kids. Do you have any graces that popped up in your week?

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