Joining the double digits club: a birthday interview

Oh the anticipation leading up to this birthday has been great. If I had a dollar for every time he’s made some comment about becoming “one decade” in the past month, I’d be a rich woman. Last night he surprised me by saying “You know mom, birthdays are both happy and sad because you’ll never get to be this age again but the new age is so exciting.”


skiIn his tenth year he mastered the rainbow loom craze, put together countless puzzles and played lots of new card games. (The polar vortex will do that to you.) He is still the one most likely to join his mother on an adventure big or small. We went cross country skiing, sledding, canoeing, farmer’s marketing, biking and hiking together.


On our spring break trip to Nashville he wandered the town with me and his oldest sister – an adventure that included sneaking into the art museum. He took a trip down the Tippecanoe River with his family. He went to Chicago multiple times for all sorts of adventures. And in the month before his birthday he walked the Mighty Mackinac Bridge for the second time. (And this time a barge went right below our feet when we were in the middle of the bridge!)




He became a baseball field rat hanging out for countless games with his dad’s team. He made the spell bowl team and honors classes at school. He spent a summer teaching himself French, testing out science experiments, and trying out a new sport (soccer). He played baseball and wrestled again this past year and volunteered to keep me company on a few summer runs. He became a fan of Cake Boss and decorated his sister’s birthday cake as a surprise to her.



He still likes (or at least tolerates) reading with me each night. We call it our reading party and some nights those 15-20 minutes are full of more talking than reading, but that’s some of the best downtime of my day.

He reads the sports section some mornings but at least a few mornings each week he lets me read to him. (We’re currently working our way through the Lord of the Rings trilogy.) He is happiest when surrounded by a group of boys running and climbing and doing all things physical. These are a few of his favorite things:

color: neon anything and red
food: pumpkin pancakes
vegetable: carrot sticks
dessert: pumpkin pie
part of school: gym class
sport: to watch? football And to play? baseball
thing to do: play with friends
tv show: sports basically
song: Lose Yourself by Eminem
game: Monopoly Millionaire
book: Treasure Hunters by James Patterson
restaurant: BWs and I like to order boneless wings with Asian Zing sauce
holiday: Christmas because the presents are fun and it’s Jesus’ birthday.
animal: Great Dane, I want to have one when I grow up and I will name him Ezekiel.

What did you request for your birthday dinner?
I got two birthday dinners this year. For the first one I picked bacon-wrapped meatloaf, mashed potatoes and lemon blueberry cake. For the dinner on my birthday I picked sloppy joes and pumpkin pie.

What is something that can always make you smile?
Playing with my cousin W. (Editor’s note: That cousin is visiting right now and his adorable two year old self influenced this answer.)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A professional athlete preferably in football. If that doesn’t work out my back up plan is to be a photographer who travels the world and takes pictures of stuff.

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
This is difficult… Either to visit the Oregon Ducks campus because they are my favorite college football team. I also want to visit a tropical island because I like swimming in the ocean and seeing palm trees and stuff.

What do you love about each person in our family?
Mom: How you take me so many fun places.
Dad: When he plays catch with me.
E: She will still play with me.
K: Her taste in music.

What were some of your best memories from this past year?
I liked our Spring Break trip to Nashville, especially when we got to go to the hockey game. I loved our Mackinac Island trip – I wish we could do that every year. (editor’s note: your mom wishes we could too.) Oh! Kayaking this summer was fun – I liked that better than the canoe. Getting to hang out at the baseball fields and watch the 12yo regional tournament games. And I liked all the snow we got last winter.

What are some of your wishes for this year?
I would love to go on another big road trip to National Parks. To play football in the fall (he says looking at his mom hopefully). To go to an NFL game. To get all the way across the monkey bars.

Each year I interview my children on their birthdays and write a post about their year. My hope is that someday these musings will spark special memories. Search for ‘birthday interview’ over there on the right to read previous posts.


5 thoughts on “Joining the double digits club: a birthday interview

  1. This is awesome J. Amara would like to come over and eat all those pumpkin flavoured things. She’d even play catch with you. And also? I think that Ezekiel is the PERFECT name for a Great Dane!
    Happy Birthday!

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