Looking hard for the graces

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a long week. I’m short on sleep. My schedule was not my own. I’m so far behind on work that I can’t fit my to-do list into one day’s space on my calendar. (Yes, I still use a handwritten calendar because it’s helpful to have that bird’s eye view and very satisfying when you can physically cross off a completed task.) I’m bitter that I have so much going on this coming Sunday that I won’t have any downtime for the second week in a row. My calf started bothering me again yesterday and the marathon is 4 weeks from tomorrow.

alexanderI kind of feel like Alexander.
(And if you don’t get that reference, you need a primer in good children’s literature. See also: Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.)

But I’m determined to turn my frown upside down! It’s time to find the silver lining. Insert your favorite optimistic cliche here. I know there were moments of grace and goodness even in the midst of the chaos that was my week. They were…

  • My cute new black & white patterned skirt that made its successful debut at a day filled with work meetings. I even had two compliments on it.
  • Lots of toddler giggles, hugs & kisses courtesy of my visiting nephew.
  • A happy birthday for my boy.
  • Multiple runs on windy, dark, slightly spooky mornings.
  • Witnessing the first time my daughter was asked to homecoming. (I tried to get out of the way but was stuck and he just did it right in front of me. It was cute.)
  • Apple butter… on English muffins, on waffles, in my oatmeal…

3 thoughts on “Looking hard for the graces

  1. Those things all sound good! I’m smiling at the visual I have of you trying to get out of the homecoming boy’s way… but I like that he asked with you there… that sounds like a positive to me.
    I had houseguests last week too – it was busy and fun and wonderful but there is a part of me that is glad to get back to normal this week.
    Hope you’re all caught up soon!

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