Dinner in three pictures

Sometimes I get inspired to make fairly complicated dinners that involve lots of appliances and bowls and prep time. Usually I’m smart enough to attempt these culinary creations on a lazy Sunday afternoon. However, I’ve been thinking about homemade butternut squash raviolis for two weeks and my poor little butternut squash was starting to look forlorn on the counter. I decided that Monday was an easy enough night with no obligations after 5pm for anyone. And so I started cooking at 4:30 thinking we’d have dinner around 6.

Well… the squash took more than twice as long to roast as the guides I’d looked at. That threw a bit of a wrench into things but I forged on. Then there was the minor (I thought) issue that I have never used my ravioli maker before. There was a bit of a learning curve.


My confidence in being able to crank out raviolis easily on the first try was sorely misguided. I threw out my entire first sheet of dough and had to take apart the attachment to clean it and start over. It was now 6:30 and I realized that while I was on the path of no return, something would have to be done for the kids. As much as I hate doing this for dinner – I sent Matt out for an emergency dinner run:


While that was happening I took a few deep breaths. I asked for a glass of wine. And I discovered that once the dough had some time to rest and the filling had time to cool – this whole ravioli thing was much easier. I still have some things I would do differently next time but I’m happy to say that at approx 7 pm my husband & I sat down to a dinner of these:


J tried a few as his “second course” and proclaimed them FANTASTIC. My husband said it might be the best meatless meal he’s ever had. I am happy to say that they tasted just as good as I hoped they would. So I will definitely make them again, but only on a day when I have 3-4 hours to spend messing around in the kitchen. Whew.


4 thoughts on “Dinner in three pictures

  1. Well when you make them again, I am coming over. Because they look delicious and I am pretty sure I don’t have the patience to make them myself. Did it just take one squash? I have a butternut squash soup I love but the hardest part is the peeling and cutting. Those things are HARD.

    1. Yes just one squash which I agree are super hard to peel and cut. So I cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, put some butter, salt & pepper on it and roasted it. That took about an hour but then I easily scooped out all the delicious butternut goodness – made it into a puree with some broth and added a few other things to finish up the filling. I have a bit of leftover filling and I’m pretty sure I’m going to mix it with some penne and have it for lunch later this week. Mmmmmmm

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