Graces for finally Friday

It’s been one of those weeks where every day felt like Thursday. Monday night: “Wait… you mean tomorrow isn’t Friday??” This morning on the walk to school J asked, “Today IS Friday isn’t it?” Yes, finally… Friday is here!

I don’t have anything fantastic to look forward to this weekend so I’m not sure why I needed it to be Friday so badly. (Well, a 20 mile run this weekend is something fantastic because I’m doing 7 on my own and then heading over to the start line of a half marathon along the shores of my favorite Lake and will be surrounded by beautiful fall colors. So there’s that.)

At any rate… here are some graces that lightened up my week while I was waiting for Friday to finally arrive.

  • A fun book to read. The past few books I’ve read have just been okay so it’s fun to have something that I’m really enjoying on my nightstand.
  • Glorious fall colors that popped up all week long
  • Sunshine today after a week full of gloom and rain
  • Sending my beautiful daughter off to her first homecoming dance
  • It's obvious in that picture that she did not inherit those legs from me.
    It’s obvious in that picture that she did not inherit those legs from me.
  • Having my meetings end early enough that I got to surprise my family with cupcakes from our favorite Indy bakery. And watching my kids write “dibs” on the box for their preferred flavors.

Bonus: I bought 6 cupcakes. That means there’s an extra one waiting for me today and I didn’t even have to put dibs on it. 🙂


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