It’s marathon week

I’m a person of action – a doer by nature. I’m impatient. I don’t do well waiting. Once I make a decision I want to act on it. So the week before the marathon is especially challenging. I want to get it over with before something else starts hurting. I want to start running before the voices in my head get any louder. (You know those voices that insist my weekly mileage wasn’t high enough… that things are hurting now because my body isn’t made to run this far… ) I want to throw this monkey off my back and have a marathon of which I’m proud.


With the exception of my calf injury, my body has behaved remarkably well this training cycle. My hips have rarely been an issue. My back has held strong. My feet have kept the aches to a minimum. I went into this training hoping to not beat myself up too badly and I think I’ve managed to come out the other side with that goal accomplished.

Of course, as I type this I’m dealing with back pain (it’s been bad for a week now) and both of my calves are ridiculously tight. I’m hoping it’s just my body grouchily adjusting to the taper. I saw the chiro/sports doc on Friday and am feeling noticeably better today. I’m going to see him again on Wednesday and then I’m on my own.

I know that I could not run another step between now and Saturday and I’d be just fine. My body knows what is coming. It’s my head that needs to get it together and relax. I’m not nearly the basket case that I was three years ago when I did my first marathon. I’m just ready to stop thinking about it and start doing it.



7 thoughts on “It’s marathon week

  1. You’ve got this. Times a thousand. Like I said in the card, I wish more than anything that we were free this weekend and I could be there. More than anything, I would love to cheer you on physically, but know that you will be on my mind and heart that whole time and I cannot WAIT to hear from you after you cross the finish line.

  2. I can’t wait to hear how this goes!! Although I know you will do great and finish with a smile.
    Wish I could be there!!!!

  3. I CANNOT WAIT to hear all about it. You’ve put in the training, despite some serious setbacks, and I know you’re hurting now but you’ll push through. Good luck, my friend, I’ll be thinking of you!

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