I’m going to win the marathon

Yep, that’s right! I am totally going to win the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this weekend. Oh sure, they’ll be giving someone else the first place prize money. The awards ceremony will actually take place while I’m still out on the course. And approx. 3,000 other runners will have a better finishing time than me.

But I’m going to win the marathon.

Because I’m dedicated enough to put myself through five months of training and workouts and stretching and watching what I eat and how much I sleep – all geared towards this one race.

Because I’m brave enough to stand at the start line.

Because I’m going to run the race with just as much determination as the elites.

Because I’m going to cross the finish line and smile.

A few weeks ago I read an article by running coach Jenny Hadfield. This quote is sticking with me:

“Winning is about running your strongest performance on the given day and then celebrating afterward.”

Saturday I’m going to throw the best I have at whatever the race throws at me. And afterwards I’m going to celebrate. Because I’m going to win this marathon.


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