small graces found in marathon week

My runs this week have been short. I’ve had extra rest days. So I’m sitting here with legs that are getting antsy to run – seems like a good time to pause and be thankful for things that have shown me grace:

  • A husband who didn’t think I was crazy for trying the marathon again. (Or at least didn’t let on that he thought I was nuts. Heck, he even went out of his way to buy me smoothies.)
  • Yoga – one of the few things that is making my tight calves and not-quite-right back feel better this week.
  • Notes of encouragement from friends
  • An excuse to meal plan around carbs
  • A cool, sunny race day forecast
  • Creative pumpkin picking & carving from my kids

Today I’m heading to Indy to pick up my packet. The kids are on Fall Break so we’re going to wander the Indy Zoo for the afternoon before heading to my brother’s for trick or treating with my young nieces & nephew. Tomorrow I’ll take a deep breath. Say some prayers. Run a lot of miles.

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