’tis the season to be thankful

Thanksgiving is next week – NEXT WEEK! It’s been a busy month around here so it almost feels like it snuck up on me. The fact that it will be December when I get back from our Thanksgiving… well that’s a little mind blowing. It’s funny how the months can zoom past while the days drag on (every day has felt like Thursday this week – it’s been a neverending week). So here’s what I’m thankful for this week before I get caught up in all the turkey day preparations.

  • The grin on my son’s face as he cheered on his teammates in last night’s spell bowl
  • Finding time for short runs every day – runs that lift my spirits even as they freeze my face
  • Family dinner conversations & laughter
  • Flannel sheets
  • Watching 20, 8/9 year old kids close their eyes and pray for the recipients of their shoebox gifts (don’t tell them I watched, we were supposed to have our eyes closed!)

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