A quick story about a drive up a mountain

While in the Smoky Mountains, visiting the top of Clingman’s Dome (the highest peak this side of the Mississippi at 6600 feet) was at the top of our list. The weather wasn’t terribly cooperative the first few days with ice and snow keeping the roads closed. However on our last day in the park – and just two days before the road to the Dome closes for the season – the road was open by late morning. We headed up in the afternoon with thoughts of watching the sun set from the mountain top.

The drive up was amazing.



And then about a half mile from the top a thick cloud rolled in. Visibility was less than .10 of a mile. This was our view from the top:

They’re obviously impressed with the view.

From the bottom of the mountain to the top, the temp dropped nearly 20 degrees, the wind picked up and the cloud descended. It wasn’t the sunset view we had in mind but it was a pretty cool experience. When we got back down the mountain, the snow was gone and we actually ate dinner outside.


Oh what a difference a few miles can make when you’re in the mountains.


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