An exhausted list of thanks

Internet friends… I’m tired. Tired to my core – fall asleep before my head hits the pillow – not even energized by a workout TIRED. It hit me this morning on my run that it’s been a whirlwind lately. Five months of training leading up to a marathon. A vacation just a few days after that. A family vacation two weeks after that. All of which I planned & packed & cooked for. Don’t get me wrong – November 2014 has been a blast, but it has also worn me out.

That’s not a good way to go into the busiest time of the year. I mean on top of all that extra stuff.. and the extra stuff that Christmas brings… I’ve still got a family to feed and hustle to & from practices and events. The errand running alone sometimes kills me. But something happened this week that gave me a boost of perspective even through my foggy, tired, befuddled mind. A special person whom I had the privilege of knowing unexpectedly passed away. I bet she’d give anything to be here exhausted while juggling the demands of a family. So, with her and her family in mind, I’m looking for blessings and grace:

  • In hugging an old friend and realizing that even with the passage of time, that friendship is still there
  • In warm soup and fresh bread with my entire family around the table
  • In digging out the Advent wreath and praying as a family
  • In twinkling lights that welcome my family home each day

‘Tis the season of watching and preparing. I’m hoping to step back next week – remembering something that popped up in a reflection I read yesterday: “People need time, time alone to open their hearts by letting go of everything else.” I’m hoping for some quiet time, some time to let go (of a few things at least) and time to be truly present.

(And I wouldn’t pass up the chance for some extra hours of sleep either.)


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