Things that are driving me crazy

I will be the first to admit that I have a low tolerance for some things. Call it impatience, a penchant for seriousness, uptight… whatever. When I’m busy/over-scheduled I lose any shred of patience for things. Things like…

  • Leaving used dishes on the counter (or even worse in your bedroom) and expecting the kitchen fairy (that’s me by the way) to take care of them
  • Using a container of food… oh, let’s say Goldfish crackers as a totally random example… and leaving it on the counter for someone else (hey, that’s me again) to put away
  • People who put inside-out clothes in the laundry
  • Snow plows pushing heavy, slushy snow onto my just-shoveled driveway
  • Neighbors who use their snow blower to clear one side of their sidewalk but not the side that connects to mine… so I can shovel it by hand (because I have kids who walk to school and I believe in clean sidewalks for all)
  • Low work ethic
  • Leaving your cart in the middle of the grocery aisle while you wander up & down taking your sweet time
  • People who don’t wave thanks when you let them go first at a stop sign
  • Name-calling
  • People who hold on to the treadmill when running… just slow down already you’re not impressing anyone nor are you improving a damn thing

I think that’s it for now… for today anyway. Got anything to add? Come on… I’m not the only impatient person in the world.


5 thoughts on “Things that are driving me crazy

  1. I can’t relate to the snow issues – I live on the coast of SC, so that’s a non-issue here. However, all of the others yes, yes, and yes! Totally agree! However, in my household I think I would take clothes turned inside out, if they could just make it to the laundry room – I find trails of clothes strewn across the house from hubby to kids. Just last night I found two pairs of pants and 2 shirts dropped between my kids room and my bedroom – they undressed on the way (yes…en route) to the shower and just dropped their clothes wherever they happened to be along the way….really??? Grrrrr! Also – they have a tendency to not put the cap back on the toothpaste…why???? Drives me insane!

  2. Yes! Yes yes yes!!

    I lost my sh!t yesterday because the floor mat in the kitchen was folded over.

    (because of course I’d walked into the kitchen an hour earlier and the mat was folded over, so I fixed it and slid it back into place (and put away the dirty counter dishes and threw away the empty pineapple container).

    So to walk back into the kitchen an hour later and see the mat out of place – FURY! When you kick the mat and it folds over on itself, why wouldn’t you fix it? If you’re not going to fix it, then WHO do you think SHOULD fix it?!

    Sorry to yell at you. You would have fixed the mat.

    (And inside-out socks. OMG the inside-out socks. )

    1. I would always straighten your floor mat. And oh yes socks… I’ve given up on the socks. I fold them inside-out and make the wearer fix it before they put them on.

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