Who taught you something?

I’m following a new faith-based devotional. Trying to shake things up a bit in my early morning meditations. The author is doing something I find very interesting in conjunction with her weekly faith-based articles: she’s challenging herself to be consciously grateful. That’s right up my alley! As she puts it “gratitude is the very best form of prayer.” She’s calling it her Gallery of Gratitude and taking 15 minutes once a week for 15 weeks to thank someone. (Read about her gratitude challenge here.)

I’m going to see if I can keep up with it. I’m a week behind so I’ll do two posts this week to catch up. I’m going to write about the first example that comes to mind and I’ll keep it short. I’m kind of excited to see what (or who) pops up.

Week 1: A person who taught you something.

One weekend at IU my roommate’s parents came to visit Bloomington. They took us both out to dinner that night and I don’t know how the topic came up but Mrs. Fish told us that she brought their Scrabble board along and they were going to relax in the hotel that night and play Scrabble. It made an impression on me that when she packed for their weekend getaway she packed a game. (My roommate was the oldest child so they still had at least one and maybe two boys at home – a college visit was indeed a getaway.) What did that teach me? That she and her husband were best friends. That even after decades of marriage, they looked forward to doing small things together – like playing a favorite game.

Thank you Mrs. Fish for teaching me the importance of marrying my best friend.


4 thoughts on “Who taught you something?

  1. LOL – My husband and I do that – we have backgammon competitions most nights before bed – we have others we play, but that’s our go to game and we play best two of three. 🙂 We also carry games with us when we go out of town.

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