Being thankful for: a person who made me laugh

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m a fairly serious person. Some might even use the words “stick in the mud” to describe me. Silly, frivolous, goofy, light-hearted… these are not words anyone would use to describe me. So this week’s challenge to think of a person who has brought fun into my life is a good one. I need a little fun. And while I know I could come up with a number of examples for this one, I’m sticking with my commitment to go with the first one that comes to mind.

A person who makes me laugh


When I think of my sister I think of shopping in WalMart and collapsing with laughter in the aisles. I think of walking into a toy store and pushing all the buttons to see what the toys do. I think of piling my little girls in the car for all-girl road trips to Washington D.C. (The first one we took was when K was just 1 year old.) I think of being 8 months pregnant with kid #2 and watching kid #1 dodge out of the crowded maze of mirrors through a tiny door and then watching my sister dive out after her. I think of adventures in museums or zoos or amusement parks. When I think of my sister, I think of having fun. I hope that my kids grow up and have such a good relationship with their siblings. (I’m really lucky that way – both of my siblings are my friends.)

Thank you Diane for making me laugh.

Read about the gratitude challenge here.

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