Being thankful for: inspiration

Week #3 of the gratitude challenge: Who has inspired you?

When I saw this question pop up during my reflection time today I was bombarded with ideas. And while I could write an essay about nearly any single one of these people, I decided that since no one instantly rose to the top on their own – this was a post where I could do something broader. So today I am expressing gratitude for…

People who have inspired me

When I think of being inspired I think of action. I think of someone causing me to do something in a different way or that I would not have done without their nudge. Today this question of who has inspired me made me first think of running. And when I think of running… I think of runners… and when I think of runners I think of a whole host of people who have inspired me (consciously or unconsciously). I think of:

  • Lori who inspired me to try my very first 5K when I adamantly insisted I wasn’t a runner.
  • Barb who inspired me to tackle my very first half marathon even though the thought of it made me ill.
  • Lisa who inspired me to dream of doing a marathon because a person I actually know and run with could do it.
  • Jen who inspired me through her first Olympic triathlon to put myself out there and tackle one myself.
  • My husband whose belief in my determination inspired me to give the marathon a second chance.
  • The speedwork trainer – a program that I did on a whim – for inspiring me to believe I could run faster.
  • Every person with gray hair that lines up at the starting line for inspiring me to a lifetime of staying active.
  • The runners on the race course with whom I’ve exchanged heartfelt words for inspiring me to not give up.
  • The online community of runners who share in celebrations and knowingly commiserate the tough runs for inspiring me to get out and run even on those days when I don’t want to.

I’m not inspired by a runner’s speed or form or physical fitness. I’m inspired by their determination, their work ethic, their willingness to take on a challenge, their ability to laugh while running in the rain.

Side note: This reminded me of a poem so I just stopped writing to look it up and I want to share this last stanza.

The Song of the Ungirt Runners
by Charles Hamilton Sorley

The rain is on our lips,
We do not run for prize.
But the storm the water whips
And the wave howls to the skies.
The winds arise and strike it
And scatter it like sand,
And we run because we like it
Through the broad bright land.

Thank you runners for inspiring me to go beyond myself… and to keep doing it because I like it.

Read about the gratitude challenge here.

2 thoughts on “Being thankful for: inspiration

  1. This is very cool. I’m proud to be on the list of such an inspiring, dedicated runner! Thanks for the encouragement & companionship throughout the years – I wouldn’t still be running without your influence!

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