Being thankful for: curiosity

I’m on week #4 of the gratitude challenge and I can already tell that these questions are going to indeed be challenging. This one in particular is asking me a question that I’ve never really asked before. I’m a very curious person but I feel like some people are just born that way. If you’re not curious, there’s no amount of influencing that can force you to become curious. However, I do think that curiosity can be fostered, encouraged and nurtured. Just like it can be squashed and diminished if no one teaches you how to satisfy that inquisitive nature.

Who taught you to be curious?

The first person who comes to mind is my dad. (And coincidentally it’s his birthday today.)

There’s my dad with his eldest grandkids.


I don’t think my dad *taught* me to be curious but he certainly encouraged my curiosity and helped me find ways to satisfy it. My dad was always the one to say “That’s a good question, let’s go find the answer.” He was the one who bought a set of encyclopedias (which I might have read cover to cover). He was the one who made sure the dictionary was always readily available. He was the one who would turn to the library because surely there is a book on that topic.

I’m still a very curious person and I’ve taken the example of my dad to heart with my kids. Whenever they ask a question, I gladly pull up Google, take them to the library, read a book, find a museum… When my son was curious about sharks, I learned more about sharks than ever before. When my daughter was curious about the revolutionary war, we read every book possible and started visiting battlefields and museums.

Feeding curiosity is one of my favorite things about being a parent. I don’t know that I’m teaching my kids to be curious but I know I’m encouraging curiosity. And I really hope I’m teaching them to question things.

Thanks Dad, for fostering my curiosity and showing me how to encourage it in my kids.

15 weeks, 15 letters, 15 minutes. To kick off 2015. Read about the gratitude challenge here.


3 thoughts on “Being thankful for: curiosity

  1. what a nice compliment. I have fallen out of the habit of reading your blog (sorry) but your grandmother directed me to it today. Thanks

  2. I keep my phone handy in case I have to look something up on google…my computer is sometimes a hassle to get to, but my I-phone…right at my fingertips. 🙂 My little’s are always asking things, and I’m like you – let’s pull it up and take a look. 🙂 LOL! Who says curiosity has to kill the cat? I would have been dead long ago if that was the case! Haha!

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