Running & distance… or not the distance

I’ve trained for and run two marathons. I completely understand the focus and hard work it takes to get to that finish line. I know all to well how all-consuming 26.2 miles can be for months at a time. And I wholeheartedly believe that reading articles and hooking up with other marathoners can be a HUGE support system during training. HUGE.

But when did all the running blogs become marathon blogs?

Why did people stop talking about running just for the joy and strength of running? What ever happened to running WITHOUT a training plan? Where are the runners who are out there logging miles, getting stronger, putting their all into the miles but not racking up 16, 18, 20 mile runs?

How about the half marathoners? The no-way-in-hell-ever-gonna-run-a-race-with-marathon-in-the-title runners? The runners who are signing up for the occasional 5k or 10k just for fun? The don’t need to race, just want to run runners?

I’m not necessarily talking about the individual’s blog who is currently training for a marathon. That person’s blog is likely about more than marathons and just dominated by the topic for a few months. I get that. It’s good. I’m talking about the blogs that have become running publications (because that’s what they are – online publications with huge readership). And suddenly these publications are raising the marathon up to such heights that the rest of us (or just me) are left behind.

It’s certainly inspiring to read about a person lacing up and making the marathon go from a dream to reality. But I’m at a point where it would be inspiring to hear from someone who just likes running and isn’t slogging through a training plan. Someone who shares the joy of a trail run or the conversation they had when they took a walk break (gasp). I’d love it if my blog feed stopped having the word marathon in 50% of the titles.

Maybe I’m just being grouchy and I need to unfollow a few blogs. But I feel a little like the lonely voice in an echoing room… Hello?? I like to run too! Sometimes I train for longer races but sometimes I like to walk and swim and ride my bike. It would be nice to find something that talks about the casual exerciser who sometimes trains for big races but always wants to be healthy.


2 thoughts on “Running & distance… or not the distance

  1. I am surprised there are that many blogs out there any more 🙂
    And I am one of those who just keeps running because I love it and it makes me feel good. But you already knew that. And I love my friends who do marathons. BUT it is not the only way to feel good about running and love running. And not doing a marathon doesn’t make you less of a runner.

  2. OMG STOP IT YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE TO RUN FOR HOURS. Oh, wait. The funny thing is, I’ve blogged less about anything related to marathon running/marathon training than anything else. I think I blogged more about Couch to 5k, believe it or not, because although the marathon is an accomplishment, somehow those shorter races or running just because you want to seem like an even bigger one.
    ps, walk breaks 4LYFE

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