Of thoughts and writing

I’ve been missing free writing each morning. I’ve never been very good at keeping a paper and pencil journal but I was pretty good about writing here for years. I had a few people read along with me – which is fun –  so now, after ignoring this blog for months (and months) I think I’ll try to get back to writing each day.

I owe my kids some birthday posts so I’ll try to get to those soon. I might also start posting some recipes again because I’ve found myself using my blog in the kitchen when I need to remember a favorite meal or two. It’s easier to find recipes on here than in my messy recipe binders! In the meantime I’m going to try and write at least a few times a week. Just like before, I’ll be writing whatever comes to mind – running, ranting, raising kids…

Another blog that I enjoy (Runninghood) is also trying to get back in the writing habit and she is focusing many of her posts on gratitude and intentions. I have often written about small moments of gratitude but I don’t think I’ve written about intentions. Not large scale intentions – just intentions for my day. I really like the idea of starting my day focusing on good things and clear intentions:

This morning I am grateful for…

  1. Blue skies and warm sunshine (they rarely feel as good as they do after a long cold winter)
  2. A day with plans to see a friend

My intention for the day: to act with focus. I’m taking two days off this week for college visits with my oldest and the to-do lists each day this week have been mighty ones. I need to stay focused and productive so I can really enjoy the next two days and a busy weekend after that.



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