A shift to gratitude

I woke up this morning in the worst mood. Tired… tired of nagging people to help me and so very tired of carrying a load that’s felt too big for too long. Stressed… stressed about getting stuff done around the house, stressed about getting on top of work, stressed about paying the bills. Frustrated… frustrated with an Achilles injury that I’m convinced is never going to get better, frustrated with feeling heavy and lumpy and not myself because I can’t workout the way I’d like.

It’s not a good way to start the day.

And I’ve been starting far too many days just like that. I took a short walk before I ate lunch (I had optimistically put on workout clothes this morning and I didn’t want to waste them for the second day in a row.) I tried to shake this  funk. I shouldn’t be feeling like this just a few days out from a great vacation. But I do. All the time.

I used to have a habit of making a short mental list of things for which I was grateful when I prayed at night. I’m not sure when that habit waned but it has. So I’m going to try and start my day by making that list. Maybe if I focus on the good right at the beginning of my day – and I know there is plenty of good – the rest of it won’t weigh quite so heavily.

And so today…. today I am thankful for…

  1. A blue-skied, leaves-just-starting-to-change, 70-degree, beautiful day
  2. The Twix I bought last night when grocery shopping at 7pm – even though I shouldn’t have bought candy and I certainly shouldn’t have been shopping at 7pm
  3. Starting a new book to which I’ve been looking forward




2 thoughts on “A shift to gratitude

  1. I am thankful for you. We don’t have the opportunity to see each other very often but you are a very special God Child and I pray for you every day. From what I have seen and read, you are an amazing and fun mom. My favorite one sentence prayer is “Dear Lord, help me to remember that nothing will happen to me today that you and I together can’t handle.” Give your crabby, irritable day to Him and everything will improve.
    Love you lots, Aunt ML

  2. Perhaps you are coming down from such a high on vacation. I have a saying in my Bible and on my desk which helps me put things in perspective. If your burden is too heavy you are either carrying it alone or it belongs to someone else. God is always there to help. You are an amazing woman. Love you guys. Linda

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