Three things, just three things

It’s not quite 6:30am and it’s as dark as the middle of the night. I stayed up too late to watch the Cubs because even when they’re ahead by 8, it’s the NLCS so you watch to the very end. I suppose that’s as good a place as any to start today’s list of three things that I’m thankful for and looking forward to today:

1. Fall baseball: I do love playoff baseball and having my Cubs still playing is extra fun. Game 5 is tonight!

2. Yoga: I’m going to make time for yoga this morning and try my darndest to get back in this habit.

3. Soup season: I haven’t made a crock pot of homemade chicken noodle soup in months and I’m looking forward to a cozy fall dinner. (I’m not looking forward to leaving said cozy dinner to go to a two hour meeting at 6:30 but this list is supposed to be focused on good things so I will stop thinking about that.)

Three things to which I’ll turn my attention when I feel the grouchy grumblies start to kick in. Three things.


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