Starting a new week

I had the sort of Sunday that was so very hectic. So hectic I left a kid behind (seriously). Luckily said kid didn’t notice right away and is very good at rolling with the punches… or in this case the abandonment.

Monday was a slow starter so I didn’t have time to write and I’ve had a few things already mess up my plans for the day. With things on the calendar for the next three nights I don’t have much wiggle room either. sigh… but I have a call in 15 minutes and that’s not enough time to cross anything off my list. Thus, I shall briefly write. Enough complaining…

What am I thankful for today?

1. My Cubs making the World Series. It’s so fun to watch the entire Chicagoland community get Cubs crazy. I watched the Art Institute put Cubs hats on the famous lions on Michigan Ave this morning and immediately started pondering how I’m going to get downtown for a photo.

2. My Halloween decorations. I don’t decorate much but the ghosts hanging from my house lights and the little orange & black paper lanterns around my door make me smile.

3. Reese’s pumpkins. When I was out running errands that were supposed to take 30 minutes tops but ended up taking 90 minutes… I decided a tiny splurge was in order.

I hope there are small things that make you smile today too.


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