I’ve missed writing

I’ve realized in the past week that there’s something good in taking 10-15 minutes and just free writing. It doesn’t have to be long, it just needs to be thoughtful… or maybe not even thoughtful – there’s something good in the process of venting a bit as well.

My day has been a little different than normal. I woke up an hour early so I’d have time to hit the snooze once (or twice) and still get out for an early morning walk. This time of year that means a walk in the moonlight. There wasn’t even a hint of the sunrise in the sky. I saw a few runners and a few cars but that was it. It was quiet. And peaceful. And intentional. It felt good and reminded me that even if I’m not running, taking one early morning a week for that energy boost is a good idea.

As I walked I thought about how I’m enjoying the mental break of writing more regularly. I thought about what I need to accomplish today. I said a few prayers for people in my life that I know need to feel God’s presence in their lives right now. It was good.

I came home and packed lunches (leftover pecan chicken & tossed salad with homemade dressing, some cucumber slices & grapes for J; a peanut butter sandwich, grapes & goldfish for E; a PB&J, cucumber slices, grapes, goldfish & dark chocolate dipped mangos for K…. do you think I’ll miss packing these lunches someday? Of rarely taking the easy route and making three of the same lunches? Of trying to give each kid a little touch of mom-love in their day? I might…)

I took a shower and got “dressed up” since I had an in-person work meeting this morning. J kind of freaked out when I woke him up and wasn’t wearing pajamas or workout clothes. His primary concern however was whether I’d be taking him to school and who was making dinner. Once I assured him that today’s meeting was local and he’d never know I was gone, he was fine. (Not that he wouldn’t have been fine otherwise, he just prefers to know in advance if things are going to be different than normal. Do you think I’ll miss being needed that much someday? Of having people who need to know where I’m at and that I’m not messing with their routine? I might…)

After my meeting I took myself to Starbucks for a little treat. I came home and cleaned the breakfast dishes (Do you think I’ll miss cleaning up the kitchen for 5 people 2-3 times every day? I seriously doubt it…) I put dinner in the crockpot. I checked my email and took this ten minutes for myself. Now it’s time to take off the work clothes (though I really like my outfit today). To put on my Cubs shirt (game one of the World Series is tonight!!). To dig into some writing projects and do some laundry and cross a few things off my list before I start running kids to & fro after school.

It’s not a special day. It’s not even a terribly out-of-the-ordinary sort of day. But it’s a good day and I think part of that is because I gave myself the gift of time early this morning and this tiny little break now. I don’t know how to find breaks in my day often enough.


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