The last spoon

You’ve heard the saying about the last straw? Well, I’ve reached my last spoon.

What is it about teenagers and taking dishes & utensils all over the place and never returning them?? Or maybe it’s just a problem with one specific, nearly 18 year old in my house. There was once the case of the missing cups… we found nearly 20 of them in her room. Now it is the case of the missing spoons. For the past week it has felt like we were running out of spoons. This doesn’t make sense because a few years ago I went to Target and bought 16 spoons that kind of matched my existing, disappearing silverware to rectify a problem with the middlest accidentally throwing her spoon in the garbage when she cleared her table. (I’ve reached the stage in my life where nothing matches – not my dishes, not my cups, not my utensils – nothing.) And yet, for the past week we’ve felt very short on spoons.

This morning I watched as two kids got cereal – and spoons to eat it – and then when I went to get a spoon for my yogurt they were gone. I opened the clean dishwasher and found… 2 spoons. I KNOW I have more than 4 spoons. About an hour later it dawned on me and this text exchange happened:



This kid is going to college next year (if she actually gets her applications in this week) and some days I have to wonder just how she’s going to make it with her careless, lassez faire lifestyle.


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