The Halloween that wasn’t

Halloween in our neighborhood is pretty epic. I buy 4 or 5 5lb bags of candy and some years I run out. I rarely stay inside because the stream of trick or treaters is literally non-stop.


Until  this year.

It wasn’t because of weather (50s is pretty nice this time of year). Maybe it was because it was a Monday and so many local organizations and businesses had trick or treat events over the weekend. Maybe they just all skipped my house. Whatever the reason, I didn’t even come close to running out of candy. We were giving away handfuls and I still have half a bag and one unopened bag left.

It already felt weird because no one in my house trick or treated. The girls weren’t even home – they both had to work. They had parties over the weekend but nothing was going on for Halloween. The 6th grader didn’t want to trick or treat and we only saw two small groups of kids his age out trick or treating – he said hardly any of his friends were going.


It was just about the weirdest Halloween I’ve ever seen.


One thought on “The Halloween that wasn’t

  1. It was really quiet at our house as well – we had 17. The past few years we’ve had anywhere between 50-75, if not more. I think a lot of it had to do with being a school night. I’ve heard others say the same thing – either that, or the fear of all the nightmarish, stalker clowns. Although…I’m in SC, where the sightings began…ugh!

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