Of fall bike rides

I’m trying to embrace the kinds of workouts I can do as I wait (and wait and wait) for my Achilles to get back to 100%. As the weather turns to fall I’ve really missed being outside. It’s my favorite time of year to get out for a run and it’s been so hard to not have that as an option. Even long walks hurt my Achilles so I’ve had to limit that as an option also.


But today… Today it’s 60 degrees (in November?!) so I went out for a long ride and it was awesome. The fall colors along the trail. Riding across fallen leaves. It was just the sort of workout I’ve been missing. I decided that I will figure out what sorts of layers I need to wear on the bike in cold weather (some sort of balaclava under my helmet?) and I will ride outside as long as the trail is clear of snow and ice. (That weather is just around the corner after all.)

It’s not the same as the easy, walk out the door and start running kind of workout. But it allows me to breathe some fresh air and clear my mind like no indoor workout ever can.


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