Three things for a Tuesday

1. It’s election day. I’m not about to talk politics online but I will say that I’m always excited to vote. It’s a privilege and an honor and I loved seeing the polling place filled with voters. I’m certainly thankful for that but mostly I’m thankful to be raising future voters. My house has been filled with conversation and questions from my kids the past 9 months or so. We watched the debates and talked about them. We had a great conversation when my in-laws were visiting about the fact that my father-in-law and I rarely vote the same way but that we still love and respect each other. The fact that we have the ability to each express our very different opinions is one of the things that makes America such a special place to live. We spent this summer in Philly & Boston and I think my kids have a different perspective for our founding fathers and the importance of voters.

2. I got to go to the World Series Parade last week! I argued back and forth in my mind about taking the day off to go celebrate with the city of Chicago. I’m so glad that going won out. From singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame on the train into the city to screaming and yelling as my favorite boys of summer rode past – it was an awesome day. I am still smiling about it and will always be thankful that I went.


3. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching your kids work for something and enjoy the results. My son is going to have a long wrestling season. He’s a 6th grader but thanks to his size he’ll be going up against 8th graders nearly every match. That’s a big mental gap and wrestling is indeed a mental sport. He knows it’s going to be tough and that he’s not going to get a lot of wins but he’s still out there working hard and loving it. He had a day-long tournament this past weekend. Two tough losses but in his final match he pinned the other kid in the 3rd (and final) round. He didn’t show it at the time (this kid is nothing if not even-keeled) but afterwards he couldn’t stop talking about how much he loves wrestling now that it’s more competitive. I hope he keeps that excitement all season. I’m definitely thankful for watching him (even though I cringe the entire time… it makes me miss watching my oldest swim, there’s no cringing at a swim meet).

I updated the big dry erase kitchen calendar this week and it is filled with so much stuff. I try to remind myself, that while there aren’t a lot of opportunities for rest – there are plenty of opportunities to be thankful.

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