Am I still a runner?

I haven’t run since April. That’s 7 months of no running thanks to an Achilles tear that is taking its sweet time to heal. I’ve had a hard time with the mandated rest periods. I’ve really missed the ability to toss on a pair of shoes, head out the door and come back 30-40 minutes later feeling tired and knowing I did my body good.

The past month I’ve gotten back into a more consistent flow of workouts. I’m back to working out 5-6 times a week. I do a lot of biking. I’ve gotten back into the pool for some strong swim workouts. I’m doing vinyasa yoga weekly. I try to walk once or twice a week but my Achilles usually complains about that.

Today I killed my swim workout – killed. it. 2200 yards of strong, hard swimming. It made me remember the summer I worked so hard for the Olympic triathlon. I started to smile thinking about how much I loved (and was worn out by) those months of training. And then I got sad… because I can’t get back to that same level of training. I can’t run.

8 years ago this wouldn’t have been a problem. 8 years go I did aerobics and the elliptical. I would swim 500 yards occasionally and feel exhausted. I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. And I didn’t care. But then I started running and as corny as it sounds – it changed my life in so many good ways.

And I miss it.


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