The second week of Advent: peace

I find this week of Advent ironic. Peace, huh? Peace in a week where I only have one night without extra obligations? Peace in a house with three kids? There’s no peace happening here. And that’s not even considering big picture peace among humans.

But I suppose that’s part of the challenge of Advent isn’t it? To find peace in an otherwise busy world. Last week, I led an activity during youth ministry night. This is for kids 11-18 years old. I wrote the word God on the dry erase board in big letters. I handed each kid 5 post-it notes and asked them to write five things they could have chosen to do besides be there that night. They could be responsible things such as “do homework” or they could be fun choices like “binge watch Netflix.” When they were done writing they had to put the notes on the dry erase board and the only rule was that the notes could touch but couldn’t completely overlap.

As you can imagine, it became very hard to see God when we were done. And that’s the point. We can’t let our everyday busyness hide God. If we look for God… if we look for peace… it’s there. So that’s my personal challenge this week: seeking peace.

Peace in waking up a little earlier than normal to say a few prayers.

Peace in a warm cup of tea at the end of a hectic day.

Peace in plugging in the Christmas tree in the middle of the day, even though I’m the only one home, so I can enjoy it while I eat lunch.

Peace in the smile of a good friend.

It’s there. I just have to remember to appreciate it.



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