Looking forward to a new year

I spent too much of 2016 in high stress mode. The year certainly had some wonderful highlights: an awesome family road trip, a Cubs World Series win, a great Oregon vacation, some fun work adventures — just to name a few. But I started the year hoping to find a way to reduce stress and never found it. On top of that, I injured myself which has taken away my primary stress-relief: running and workouts.

Here I am with just three days to go in 2016 and I’m still injured and I’m still experiencing far too much stress. I need to find a way to make 2017 a year with more balance in my life. In one small step that might make a tiny difference, I bought a new style of work planner. Yes, I still buy a paper planner to set up my schedule and task lists. I love to check off tasks when they are complete and having a visual that lets me see my entire week in list form helps my brain keep it all together.

The problem with my planner? I tend to be very (VERY) ambitious with my daily task lists. This sets me up for daily and weekly failure. It also sets up some long nights and weekend hours of working. So I thought I’d buy a planner with less space in it forcing me to trim down those task lists. However, I’ve just started to update my lists for next week and it’s driving me nuts.

I’ll give it three weeks to see if it helps me plan a more manageable day but if not, I’m getting something else.

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