An early birthday gift

I wanted to spend my birthday morning on the shores of Lake Michigan but the weather forecast had other ideas. (And it is indeed a blustery, rainy day. Where’s my birthday snow Mother Nature?!?) However,  the perfect opportunity presented itself yesterday so I hustled up to the Lake. I picked a spot where I could visit without hiking since I’m trying to be the best injured Achilles patient ever. And I soaked in 15 minutes of my Lake in all its winter glory.


When the shelf ice appears the Lake is eerily quiet. The sounds of lapping waves are swapped for the quiet, occasional squeaking and creaking of ice. There were small icebergs floating further out. The pier had mounds of ice – waves that froze as they crashed over it.


I took some deep breaths of Lake air. I said some prayers for the year ahead of me. I said some prayers of thanks. I raised up some intentions for others. I snapped a few pictures and happily went back to start my day. It was a good early birthday gift.


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